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Collingwood Associates are one of the worlds leading IT Recruitment firms and we are Industry Specialists within the SAP, CRM & Business Intelligence sectors.

Since our launch at the start of the new millennium we have continued to remain a highly professional, ‘service driven’ organization and our name is synonymous with the word ‘Quality’ throughout the SAP and IT community. Working with clients across Europe, the US and LatAm regions we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible customer service at all times.

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Our Services

Collingwood Associates are an SAP, CRM & Business Intelligence recruitment specialist dedicated to placing quality Consultants and to helping organisations develop, transform and improve their business performance through the effective use of technology and people.

If you are running (or ‘bidding’ on) a project and you don’t currently have the required skills in-house, be that in CRM, SAP Mobile, Hana, Salesforce, whichever area it is, then utilize us. We will quickly and effectively provide you with the niche skilled Consultants that you need.

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